Legacy Digital vs. Legacy Box for Film Transfer

We Convert 8mm
Super 8 and 16mm Film to DVD, Blu-ray or Hard Drive




Why put all your money into a “Fancy Box” when Legacy Digital offers Higher Quality Conversions For Less?

Wouldn’t you rather have a Full
Frame-by-Frame captured HD version of your
old films to share with your family and friends?

Because that Fancy Box is just going to end up in the garbage anyway…


Have you heard the old saying… A PICTURE SAYS A THOUSAND WORDS

When preserving memories for generations,
there is one thing that is important…


Why give the gift of awful color, sped-up and blown out video When you can have color correct, time encoded and clear?

In this comparison, other Guy’s = LegacyBox aka SouthTree
(Actual frames from video provided by client for us to redo)

Legacy Digital Provides The Highest Quality Film to Digital Conversions Available… Including Color Correction Grain Reduction and Proper Time encoding for film…

IMPORTANT: The following clips were taken from actual film work done by other film.  These were sent in by clients who paid us to redo the work done by the Other Guy’s…  AKA LegacyBox aka SouthTree.We treat your media like a precious gem – like a diamond.  We focus on Color, Cut and Clarity.  Notice the Color, with our Color Correction, images are not blown out or dull.   Notice the boy on the first image – we give you the full image without cutting or cropping.   Notice the clarity.  Our images are clear.We take the extra time to make sure you end up with the best quality transfers, scans and conversions possible.  Because your family’s memories are precious gems!  They need to be preserved for generations at the highest quality possible.Want to know more?  Watch the video below and our Founder, Scott Foster, will provide you with a detailed explanation…
(Actual frames from video provided by client for us to redo)

The Other Guys Legacy Digital Productions Legacy Box Frame Captures Legacy Digital Film Transfer See Actual Video

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

While our box may not be as fancy as the other guy’s, it’s actually what’s inside that counts.

Instead of crummy colors, poorly time encoded and blown out imagery, your Legacy Digital Treasure Chest of memories will be filled with ONLY the highest quality converted film available for at this price point.

As a matter of fact, when you choose Legacy Digital, you get more, better, and for less!  And we’ve been doing this way it since 2001.

Don’t you want for yourself or your loved ones to be able to share the best quality imagery possible?

And we make it EASY!  Everything is pre-paid including round-trip shipping and premium quality digital conversion services – the highest quality available at a family affordable price. [ninja-popup ID=1507](Watch this comparison video)[/ninja-popup]

Get Your Legacy Digital Treasure Chest Today

Pearl Treasure Chest


Up to 3 Film Reels, or
3 sets of 35 (105) Photos, or
3 sets of 35 (105) Slides, or
3 video Tapes.

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Sapphire Treasure Chest


Up to 10 Film Reels, or
10 sets of 50 (500) Photos, or
10 sets of 35 (350) Slides, or
10 video Tapes

[add_to_cart id=”1930″]

Ruby Treasure Chest


Up to 15 Film Reels, or
15 sets of 60 (900) Photos, or
15 sets of 40 (600) Slides, or
15 video Tapes

[add_to_cart id=”1931″]

Diamond Treasure Chest


Up to 20 Film Reels, or
20 sets of 60 (1200) Photos, or
20 sets of 40 (800) Slides, or
20 video Tapes

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The Crown Jewel

The Crown Jewel

Up to 45 Film Reels, or
45 sets of 60 (2700) Photos, or
45 sets of 40 (1800) Slides, or
45 video Tapes

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It’s Simple…

Select the Treasure Chest that best matches the volume of film, video tapes, slides or photos which need to be digitally converted, let us know where to send it, and we will do the rest.

Upon receiving the precious memories, we’ll carefully and professionally convert them to highest quality digital media using the latest transfer and scanning techniques – which far exceed the levels of conversion offered by most others.

Once we are finished with the high-quality digital conversion, we will return their original media along with a digital version as well. If you choose, we can also send additional copies for safe keeping and sharing.

So go ahead and give one of the most special gifts you could possibly give – the chance at reliving and sharing cherished memories with others.

We will contact you after your order to collect any additional information necessary and process your payment.

* Film reels for packages are quoted for 3″ 50 ft. film reels only or equivalent amount of footage on larger reels. In the event a larger reels are sent, actual footage will be measured and used. Additional costs when overage amounts are sent may apply. Mix and match allows recipient to substitute any set of product types 1 for 1. Photos are wallet size up to 8×12 and must be loose, not in albums or frames. Slides are 35mm only or smaller, otherwise some cropping may occur. Please call with any questions prior to placing an order.

Need More Information Keep Reading Below…


Don’t Take Our Word For It… Here’s what their customers say.

Just 2.5 out of 5 stars!  🙁
(LegacyBox and SouthTree are the same company)

We suggest you read their reviews..

Check them out for yourself on Yelp!

Now, Look at Legacy Digital


Check our our reviews…

Legacy Digital Offers Unmatched Quality

Why Legacy

You have a lot of choices when converting film. You can choose a bargain mass-production conversion shop and save money, but you will have to sacrifice quality.

Quality Over Price

At Legacy Digital you’ll still save money vs. some of the most expensive companies, but you won’t have to sacrifice quality. In fact, our quality is rarely matched for even double the price!

Our Process

The true magic of what we do is in our film transfer process.  While most of the others are focused on churning out film for the lowest price possible, we focus on quality. 

Only The Best

We go through painstaking efforts to give you something you’ll be proud to share – and that you and generations to come will be able to share. This is the important stuff. Click Learn More Now. 

Free Estimate

Use our online estimator tool or give us a call at (888) 405-2685. We are always here and happy to help you understand your options – and to see if we are the best fit. Call us.

Call Us

We actually answer the phone unless we are on the other line. Try it, give us a call to let us know what you are looking for and we’ll let you know if we are the best match – if we aren’t – we’ll tell you who to call next.

Watch this CRAZY LONG (and important) video to learn Why Legacy Digital is just better than the other guys…

You’ll be happy you did!

Call us any time at (888) 405-2685 for a free estimate or more information, Or…

Pay to have your film transferred? Do it once, the right way.

We regularly receive calls from people who chose to have their film transferred by other well known and very well advertised companies. They chose them because they were cheaper. Later, after already paying once, they choose Legacy Digital to redo the work because they are simply dissatisfied with what the other companies did.

RestroScan Universal Film Transfer Machine

Precision column for camera positioning and focus

Adjustable cropping for maximum image area

No sprockets, no claws, no pinch rollers

Others project onto a wall, screen or sheet and record it with a video camera.  We use these very special and precise machines.

There’s Really No Comparison

Compare the quality of our offerings to any other legitimate film transfer company and you’ll quickly realize why Legacy Digital has been #1 choice for everyone from regular families looking to convert their film to professional studio editors from Sony studios, CBS, ABC, Paramount Studios, Universal Studios, Marvel Studios, Disney Animation, and many smaller production companies throughout the movie industry.

Your reel to reel film will be converted to DVD, Blu-ray or an external hard-drive using the same trusted equipment and processes used by the Academy of Motion Pictures in Hollywood (MPAA), the USC School of Cinematic Arts and the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.

Exclusive Limited Time Offer Save UpTo 36%

Get Our Premium Service for the Basic Service Price

Right now, for a limited time, we are offering our Premium Transfer Services for the same price as our Basic Service, a savings of 36%. But even our Basic Service is head and shoulders above the others offering similar services because virtually nobody offers “true frame-by-frame scanning” at full HD resolution.

Compare Legacy’s Service Levels

  Basic Premium
Price Per Foot/Reel (50 ft.)?The standard reel is 50 feet which is about the size of a baseball. Larger reels do exist which hold 100, 200, 300 and 400 feet of film. The price per reel quoted is for a standard 50 foot reel.

$16.00/50ft reel

Regular: $25.00/reelLimited Time Special Offer: $16.00/50ft reel
Storage Medium?Unlike other companies who charge extra for Blu-ray conversion, we include it at no additional charge if this is the storage medium of your choice. In fact, you can choose to have your media transferred to any of the following mediums at no additional cost. You have the option to select full 1920×1080 1080p HD Resolution on Hard Drive or Blue-ray disc, or Standard Definition on DVDs. INCLUDED: Select 1: Hard Drive, Blu-ray, Gold Archival DVD INCLUDED: Select 1: Hard Drive, Blu-ray, Gold Archival DVD
2nd Storage Medium?On occasion, customers like to have their films transferred to a second type of media. We will transfer your films to a second type of media for $0.05/ft. Select: Hard Drive, Blu-ray, Gold Archival DVD at $0.05/ft or $2.50/50 ft reel. Select: Hard Drive, Blu-ray, Gold Archival DVD at $0.05/ft or $2.50/50 ft reel.
Minimum Order?Unfortunately due to setup and administrative costs we have a $50.00 minimum order. $50.00 $50.00
  Basic Premium
True Frame-by-Frame scanning?Most companies run the film continuously at regular speed and capture the running film as it plays. Legacy Digital however uses it’s special “Frame by Frame” scanning system which captures each frame individually in beautiful high definition with far greater color depth and clarity straight to our storage system. This provides you with a frame accurate, fully digital frame by frame transfer.    
Full HD laboratory grade optical scanning?Full HD Resolution Scanning. Our equipment uses laboratory grade optics to give our clients the highest resolution available in the film industry today. Resolution up to 1080p available (1920×1080) on Hard Drive or Blu-ray disc only. This format is too large for DVDs.    
Touchless scanning system?Unlike other machines used for transferring, with our state-of-the-art equipment the picture portion of your film is never touched.    
Cold LED lighting technology?We only use cold LED technology to light the film. Unlike hot bulbs used by most, LED technology keeps your film from heating up with causes premature aging and degradation. A hot bulb could also damage your film in the event of a jam if left unattended.    
Film cleaned, reconditioned and lubricated?We clean and recondition your film. This re-lubricates brittle film, removes oxidation, and removes dust from your film preparing it for the best possible picture quality. We use the same film cleaners as the Hollywood studios. Watch out for those who save money by using isopropyl alcohol. That is a drying agent and will damage your film. Good film cleaner costs 10 times as much as alcohol but we believe you are worth it.    
Multiple File Formats?Several file choices are available such as .avi, .mov, .mpg, .mp4, .m4v, etc. Compressed and uncompressed formats are also available for video professionals.    
Compatiblity guarantee?We guarantee that your converted films will be playable in any standard DVD or Blu-ray player. If you are receiving your files on a flash or hard drive, we guarantee that they will be accessible and editable by any of the commonly used video editing applications such as iMovie, Adobe Primiere, Final Cut, Pinnacle Studio, AVS, Corel VideoStudio, PowerDirector, Magix Movie Edit, Sony Movie Studio and others.    
Free local Southern California pickup and delivery*?If you are in the Southern California area and your order meets certain requirements – and we are able to schedule a convenient time to meet, we will personally pick up and deliver your film. You may also drop the film off and pick it up at our offices in Orange, CA, or ship your film via FexEd or UPS.    
Post-edit to adjust color, saturation, contrast and exposure?We take things to a whole new level with our premium service. A lot of time goes into a proper post editing process. After your film is digitally converted, frame by frame, we then digitally edit it to bring out additional color and clarity. We adjust the color, saturation, contrast and exposure to provide you with the best quality digital version of your film which can be made available to you.    
Advanced grain reduction?You want the cleanest and most vivid film transfer possible While other companies just convert your film as quickly as possible, Legacy goes the extra mile processing your cherished memories through our professional grain reduction system. These extra steps offer you the highest quality transfers available.    

Request Quote

Request Quote

Call us any time at (888) 405-2685 for a free estimate or more information, Or…

Here’s Another Sample Download a Copy to Test

Click here to Download this 20 second raw video sample (220 Megabytes)

While the other film transfer companies offer lower-tech Standard Definition running transfers at 720×480 resolution known as 480i (345,600 dots), Legacy Digital’s Hard Drive and Blu-ray options provide true Frame by Frame scanning at 6x their resolution giving you a much better end result.

Our 1920×1080 (2,073,600 dots) full HD 1080p resolution using laboratory grade optics that blow away the competition. This means you end up with a much cleaner and clearer picture – the highest resolution for transfers currently available in the film transfer industry today.

When you compare our service offerings and prices to any other legitimate film transfer company, you will quickly realize why Legacy Digital is the #1 choice made by professional studio editors from Sony studios, CBS, ABC, Paramount Studios, Universal Studios, Marvel Studios, Disney Animation, and many smaller production companies throughout the film industry. We have the same equipment and techniques used to convert the classic archives including originals from Alfred Hitchcock and many others. When you choose legacy, you will love us too!

Scott Foster – Founder

Call us any time at (888) 405-2685 for a free estimate or more information, Or…


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

“We are not finished until you love it. We will do everything within our technological capabilities using our state-of-the-art equipment to create the highest quality video and image captures possible. With that said, there is only so much that we can do with some older and heavily degraded media. We can assure you though, we will give you as good or better product than anyone else in the marketplace…And if someone else can produce a visibly better product, one which is noticeably more colorful and clear, we will refund your money.
– Scott Foster, Founder