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Photo Scanning Services

Our families have been collecting print photos for generations. They are passed down and often packed away. They are usually forgotten until we stumble across them looking for something else.

When we find them, we remember how much we love going through them and reminiscing about the past and remembering the good old days.

Then we call a family member or friend to talk. We love to easily share these precious moments with them but having them in print form makes it a challenge. Sometimes we take pictures of them with our phones and email them. Other times we just pass them out. But we want to share them easily with others - and even on Facebook or Instagram.

Let Legacy Turn Your Print Photos into Easily Shareable Digital Files

Legacy Digital will transform your boxed away memories into something that is readily available, wherever you are. We can make it easy for you to share all the history with the touch of a button. You'll quickly be able to send copies to anyone you'd like.

Whether they are in boxes, envelopes or albums we can help you convert them to digital media.

The best part, it's easy! Just box them up and send them in, or drop them by our offices in Orange, CA.

Our photo scanning pricing is fair...

And we are currently offering an Immediate Savings of up to 50%

Simply place your photo scanning order before Feb 14, 2023 and pay from $0.20 to $0.30 per photo depending on resolution.

The price for scanning photos is determined by the condition of the pictures, size, and desired resolution.

Certain conditions make it easier to handle your photos and allow us to offer these lower prices.

See our frequently asked questions page for more details.

If your pictures meet the above conditions, the prices are as follows - regardless of size:

*$100.00 Minimum Order

Price includes USB 3.0 flash drive storage device, proper picture orientation, and scanning IN OUR OFFICE IN ORANGE, CA. DON’T LET YOUR PICTURES BE SHIPPED OVERSEAS FOR SCANNING.

How to choose your resolution:

Scan resolution is expressed in dots per inch or dpi. The resulting file of a scan is expressed in file sizes referring to total dots or pixels that are contained in a file. If you scan a 4 inch wide picture at 300 dpi, the result will be an image size of 1200 pixels. If we scan the same picture at 1200dpi, the result will be 4800 pixels. Etc.

Your printer at home cannot use any more than 300 dots per printed inch. Therefore, if you want to print a picture file that is 1200 pixels wide, you can print it at maximum quality up to 4 inches wide. If you try to print that file any larger than that, you start to give up quality. Professional printing services can usually do a great job with smaller files, but here is the best rule of thumb when deciding which resolution to choose:

  1. If you wish to be able to reprint your pictures the same size as they are now or only view them on a computer monitor, then 300dpi is sufficient.
  2. To print up to twice as large as the original, and/or leave room for cropping, choose 600dpi. If you want maximum flexibility, and more room for cropping before you print, choose 1200dpi. This will also yield prints up to 4 times the original's size.
  3. Prices are for loose photos in good condition. If photos are in albums, glued to backings, damaged, cut into non-rectangular shapes, or in other ways extra fragile, add $.25 each for those that need special handling.

We can also put your pictures in a DVD slide show with music, titles, etc. for a true keepsake family history production.

Call us now at (888) 405-2685 for a free estimate or more information.

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