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Important Things To Know

It is really important that you understand that Legacy Digital isn't just another film transfer company.  We've been converting film for over 2 decades and we like to think that we do it better than anyone least for what we charge.

There are many companies out there that focus on one thing - price - and they work very hard to churn out as many film reels per day as possible, knowing that you probably won't know that better quality video was available.


How Do We Know?

We know because we receive a steady stream of film sent to us by clients, still in the boxes of our so-called competitors.  We see their work and we often find ourselves and our clients comparing our end product to theirs...and the bar isn't always high.

If you haven't seen the video below, please watch it.  Otherwise, let's get started.  Click the Free Estimate Button above in the menu.  If you are in a hurry - you can skip to the 1:45 point at the video to see the real comparisons.

See the Frame-by-Frame Difference

Below are single frames from three different films captured by other companies.  Slide the bar left and right to see the difference for yourself.  Sure, those other guys are cheap, but so is the final product.  Is having your film converted properly important to you?

8mm film to dvd conversion services Legacy Digital Productions

After watching the above video you can probably understand why people choose Legacy Digital for their film transfer.

You'll also understand why so many come to us to redo the work done by others because they are dissatisfied.

Sadly, most people who have film done by other companies will never know that they are missing up to 30% of the picture.

The above images are actual client screen captures - and we've got dozens more examples from companies across the country.

Click Here to See Legacy's Work

Click Here to See the Other Guys

After seeing the two, ask yourself, which version is going to preserve your cherished memories the best?


If you are like most people you probably want the Legacy Digital version. Our unique processes along with our "True Frame-by Frame Full HD Film Transfer" system allow you to enjoy a larger, crisper and clearer picture with more color depth.

Now that you have seen and understand the Legacy Difference, doesn't it make sense to give us a call for a free estimate to do it right the first time?

And today, with our special savings, you'll get our Premium Quality service for the same price as our Basic Quality service. That's a 36% savings!

We're pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can get the highest quality film transfers available, done by the same company that works with several Hollywood studios, for about the same price as those other high-volume conversion houses.

So give us a call now at (888) 410-4915 or get a rough cost estimate for your film transfer below.