Slide Scanning Frequent Questions - Film to DVD Transfer, Slide Transfer, Photo Scanning and Video Tape to Digital Conversion

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If you are like most people you probably have some questions, thoughts and concerns when it comes to the safety, handling and care of the irreplaceable memories stored on your slides.

And, after serving people like you for many years we've learned that each client we serve has unique questions and needs - and you are probably no different.

If we haven't answered your question below, please call us toll-free at (888) 405-2685. We'd love to talk with you, answer any questions you have and make you feel comfortable that we'll not only do a great job, but we'll keep your precious memories safe.

How Much Does It Cost?
What Resolution (Quality) files will I get back?
Why do I want Gold Disks?
What File Types Do You Offer?

How Much Does Slide Scanning Cost?

We scan 35mm slides or smaller (Larger film types can be done. Please call for prices for larger format film scans). Resolution is based on 35mm. Smaller slides will have black borders and will need to be cropped to a smaller resolution.

Take advantage of our Current Special now through Feb 14, 2023. For this limited time pay just $0.35 (for basic scanning) or $0.56 to $0.60 (depending on quantity) per slide for premium scanning.

That's our lowest price ever and it won't last long. (Minimum order $100.00 for this price. Please call for pricing for smaller orders)

Extra copies are $10.00 per disk if desired (highly recommended). Disks will hold approximately 400 slides.

Minimum order is $50.00.

We use professional gold archival DVD data disks for top of the line performance and longevity. Return to top

What Resolution (Quality) files will I get back?

We provide high resolution 18 megapixel scans (5184 by 3456 pixels). That’s plenty of pixels for making 8 x 12 prints or larger), color correction, and burning to long lasting gold professional archival DVD data disks. (CD disk is also available, but cd disks do not last as long and do not hold as many pictures. They are only recommended if your computer cannot read dvd disks.)

These disks are not playable as a movie on your dvd player. (Some DVD players do have the capability to create a slide show from these picture files but that is determined by your player.) They require a computer to read them. A Slide show DVD movie version of your slides is also available. Please call for details. Return to top

Why do I want Gold Disks?

The main reason you want to put your family memories on DVD is that DVDs last forever right? WRONG!! All DVDs have a shelf life and do fail eventually. And, once a disk starts to go bad, it becomes unreadable. So, instead of the picture fading or degrading a little at a time, you go from perfect to nothing in one step. Most services like ours use regular disks. They are said to last 2 to 5 years. We don't think that is acceptable so we use the top of the line Gold Archival DVD disks made by Mitsui. These disks are superior for two reasons: First, the construction of the disk is much more durable. It can take punishment and age better than any other disk. Second, the information layer is actually made of gold. Gold can hold information better than the assortment of metals used in other disks. The result, a disk that is thoroughly tested and rated for a shelf life of over 100 years. These disks have been tested against other gold disks and every major maker of DVDs. They stand out as far superior in every case. That's why we insist on using them, and that's why you should insist on getting them. Why doesn't our competition use them? Because they are many times more expensive than any other disk. When you want your data to outlast your grandchildren, insist on the best disks on the market, Mitsui Gold Archival DVD disks. And to play it safe, we recommend that you order a backup copy to keep at a second location just in case. Return to top

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What File Types Do You Offer?

Files are .jpg format. .raw format is also available for additional cost but is not recommended unless you are used to working with .raw files and know how to manipulate them. Disks are readable by PCs or MACs. Return to top

If you have any further questions or would like help determining your cost, please do not hesitate to call the office immediately at (888) 405-2685.