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Do you see the Legacy Digital Film Transfer Difference?


Do you see the Legacy Difference?

We get calls from people all the time who chose to have their film transferred by other well known and very advertised companies because they were cheaper. Sadly, many of them call us to redo the work because they are dissatisfied with what the other companies did.

The above images are actual client screen captures. One version shows film transferred by a well known and popular company, at regular definition. The other version shows Legacy's Full HD True Frame-by-Frame video capture w/ color correction.

While we won't name the company who did the work shown, we can assure you that you've probably seen their ads if you searched on just about anything "film transfer" related. We've also got many other examples if you'd like to see them.

Click Here to See Legacy's Work

Click Here to See the Other Guys


After seeing the two, ask yourself, which version is going to preserve your cherished memories the best?


If you are like most people you probably want the Legacy Digital version. Our unique processes along with our "True Frame-by Frame Full HD Film Transfer" system allow you to enjoy a larger, crisper and clearer picture with more color depth.

Now that you have seen and understand the Legacy Difference, doesn't it make sense to give us a call for a free estimate to do it right the first time?

And today, with our special savings, you'll get our Premium Quality service for the same price as our Basic Quality service. That's a 36% savings!

We're pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can get the highest quality film transfers available, done by the same company that works with several Hollywood studios, for about the same price as those other high-volume conversion houses.

So give us a call now at (888) 410-4915 or get a rough cost estimate for your film transfer below.

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