Janey C.

La Habra, CA | 5 Stars
04/28/2015 7:00am

I worked with Scott at Legacy Productions in Irvine to transfer 10 reels of old home movies without sound (8 MM reels). Years ago I picked up one of their flyers at an exhibit booth at the Orange County Fair. Now that I was ready to get these put on digital for my computer, I found this old flyer. That is amazing in itself (that I still had it). I checked out the company online and found they still exist and I particularly liked the process they use (not projecting on a screen and recording it again which might lose quality, like so many of the companies do). They turned out great on a flash drive which I provided. I saved them on my computer, then directly imported them into iMovie on my MAC and I added my own music and created finished movies. I had a great time picking out just the right music for them and adding titles, etc. I can’t thank Scott enough for his patience answering my questions to help me along getting them copied onto my end. It took about 5 or 6 weeks in my case to receive them. I would recommend them to everyone. They are a reputable company.