Doug G.

Carlsbad, CA | 5 Stars
10/25/2016 7:00am

Very satisfied, but you have to be patient.

I had 1700 feet of old (1950 – 70’s) 8mm and Super8 film digitized. Converted to both SD and HD formats onto a disk drive that I supplied, so files are quite large (20GB for 8″ reel – 400′). But the higher resolution (than DVD using mpg2 compression) is better for my purpose of video editing. HD is 1920×1080, but of course the image is still the original 4 x 3 aspect ratio (which makes the picture part 1440 x 1080) so as expected there are black bars on either side — but resolution is as good or better than the film (some sites estimate 8mm film resolution to be around 800 by 600).

It took about 7 weeks (they said 6 to 8 weeks), so be prepared to deal with that turn-around time.

But quality was supurb — with the knowledge that filmstock does degrade/fade over the years. But the video files that they produced was what was on the film, and in fact is _better_ than what I’d seen before with a projector, because now the lighting is consistent and doesn’t fade or blur towards the corners.