Calvin N.

Los Angeles, CA | 5 Stars
02/28/2017 8:00am

I sent Legacy Digital 8mm film from the early 60’s that no one in my family had seen since shortly after it was made and I cried watching my grandparents emoting and behaving the ways I would have at the age they were at that time – because I am their age now. Legacy Digital ain’t shot any of that footage and I won’t thank them for that, but the quality is crystal clear as it gets, even with the basic service (which I chose because I preferred having the raw footage so that I can do any post-production clean up on my own). The process was simple – I received a quote almost immediately and speaking with the owner is easy, he’s quick to respond, and is incredibly easy to speak to. I delivered half of my reels in person because I wanted to see the shop in person before I trusted them with my rushes, and the person transferring the footage at the office who helped me fill out the necessary paperwork was clear, concise, and kind. I saw the equipment they had set up transferring film and it was a well kept environment despite the fact that they were clearly very busy. They shipped my footage back by UPS and it was delivered safely and soundly, they packed it very well. I sent the rest of my footage to them to be processed and can’t wait to see how it looks. I would recommend anyone send their footage here – they know the difference between file export types and use a scanner, not a projector/camera set up to shoot the film through a digital camera. They deserve the five stars. It’s expensive, but entirely worth it.