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Film Transfer with Manual Color Correction & Advanced Grain Reduction

Full Manual Color Correction:

Old film can shift or lose some of its color over time. In addition, some film may have been shot too dark or too light. We take the time to go manually through every scene and adjust the color, saturation, brightness and contrast to ensure that what you see on your TV or computer screen is the best looking picture your film can produce. This take a great deal of extra time, but we believe your cherished family films are worth it.

Advanced Grain Reduction:

Noticeable grain is inherent in older film. It is often more noticeable in underexposed film and darker scenes or when higher speed film was used. With larger computer screens, televisions and monitors the graininess becomes very apparent.

Legacy Digital is one of the first companies in the industry to offer its Advanced Grain Reduction (AGR) processing which isolates grain or “noise” from a picture and removes (or at least significantly reduces) it leaving only the intended picture.

Adding this step to our transfer process is yet another way we refuse to cut corners in the interest of speed and convenience; and instead we concentrate on bringing you the best possible results. It has come at a quite significant cost to us and ads a significant amount of time to the process but we believe it is well worth it. The results are truly impressive. For a limited time, advanced grain reduction is included in our premium service at no extra charge.

When combined with our Full Manual Color Correction services the end result of our conversion quality is nearly impossible to beat - especially for the cost.

Here's an example showing a converted frame demonstrating the difference between a standard scan and one that uses Full Manual Color Correction and Advanced Grain Reduction.

Can you see the difference?

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