L B.

Irvine, CA | 5 Stars
11/08/2015 8:00am

The guys at Legacy Digital are awesome!! I’ve had them work on about three different projects for me over the last 7 years, and the work had been top notch on all three services.

The first: we found some very old 8mm reels of my dad and my grandfather. When I found them, I recognized what I thought they were, but I didn’t even have a machine to play them on. I’d heard that Legacy did a great job with direct transfer (not recapturing on a screen) and color correction. Boy was I thrilled with the result!!! These movies were better (more brilliant in color) that what I remembered and it was amazing to see it all on a nice large HD TV instead of on an old grey 8mm screen, with a projector whirring loudly in the background. He offered me options to have it directly on a hard drive if I wanted to edit, onto a DVD, or bluray disc. We opted for the DVD since it worked on more of our players at the time. He uses a higher quality DVD than other outfits so we should be able to keep and enjoy these old films for a long time.

The second: several years later, we came upon an entire box of slides in our attic some time ago, and I kind of held on to them for a while, trying to decide whether to transfer them to digital. I was SOOO glad I did! There were some absolute treasures in there. Pictures that brought back all kinds of memories and even some pictures I don’t remember, but was able to recognize folks I hadn’t seen in a long time, again because of the great quality of transfer.

The third: not long after (about 4 months ago) we found the rest of the family’s old Super 8 movies. I found the projector as well, but by this time I was already convinced that if I tried to play these old movies on an old projector without cleaning them and without knowing if the projector still worked…I might ruin the film. Scott had showed me before how they clean and lubricate the reels BEFORE doing the transfer, so I had them take this batch as well. Got them back, and watched them several times with popcorn. What a great family night activity!!

They did everything I could have asked for and more. I give them my unqualified recommendation!!