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Our Treasure Chest Makes
A Great Gift!

The Legacy Digital Treasure Chest Series

A Treasure Chest of memories that we will send to you, your family member or friend.

It's all very simple. Everything is pre-paid including round-trip shipping and premium quality digital conversion services - the highest quality available. (Watch this comparison video)

Pearl Treasure Chest


Up to 3 Film Reels, or
3 sets of 35 Photos, or
3 sets of 35 Slides, or
3 video Tapes.

$99.95 $74.95 Add to cart

Sapphire Treasure Chest


Up to 10 Film Reels, or
10 sets of 50 Photos, or
10 sets of 35 Slides, or
10 video Tapes

$239.99 Add to cart

Ruby Treasure Chest


Up to 15 Film Reels, or
15 sets of 60 Photos, or
15 sets of 40 Slides, or
15 video Tapes

$359.99 Add to cart

Diamond Treasure Chest


Up to 20 Film Reels, or
20 sets of 60 Photos, or
20 sets of 40 Slides, or
20 video Tapes

$479.99 Add to cart

The Crown Jewel

The Crown Jewel

Up to 45 Film Reels, or
45 sets of 60 Photos, or
45 sets of 40 Slides, or
45 video Tapes

$949.99 Add to cart

How do you get started?

Select the Treasure Chest that best matches the volume of film, video tapes, slides or photos which need to be digitally converted, let us know where to send it, and we will do the rest.

Upon receiving the precious memories, we'll carefully and professionally convert them to highest quality digital media using the latest transfer and scanning techniques - which far exceed the levels of conversion offered by most others.

Once we are finished with the high-quality digital conversion, we will return their original media along with a digital version as well. If you choose, we can also send additional copies for safe keeping and sharing.

So go ahead and give one of the most special gifts you could possibly give - the chance at reliving and sharing cherished memories with others.

We will contact you after your order to collect any additional information necessary and process your payment.

* Film reels for packages are quoted for 3" 50 ft. film reels only or equivalent amount of footage on larger reels. In the event a larger reels are sent, actual footage will be measured and used. Additional costs when overage amounts are sent may apply. Mix and match allows recipient to substitute any set of product types 1 for 1. Photos are wallet size up to 8x12 and must be loose, not in albums or frames. Slides are 35mm only or smaller, otherwise some cropping may occur. Please call with any questions prior to placing an order.

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